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About Pearlsong Press


Pearlsong Press is an independent publishing company dedicated to providing books and other products to entertain and enliven — while quite possibly also expanding your perspective on yourself and the world around you. It was founded by Peggy Elam, Ph.D., a licensed psychologist and former Emotional Health expert for


That's me, writing this letter. (For more about me, click here.)


What, you may ask, does the name "Pearlsong" mean? Well, like many things, the word "Pearlsong" — which came to me in a meditation in 2000, or which I made up, whichever way you prefer to look at it — has different levels of meaning.


Pearls are glorious, glowing organic gemstones. "Pearl" is the stone associated with my birth month, June. It's also sometimes a nickname for Peggy or Margaret. The Pearl River runs through the area of Mississippi where I was born and lived for many years, and where my in-laws still reside. "Pearls of wisdom" is a common phrase, and a lovely association for a publishing company.


But "pearl" has a larger meaning, which appeals to me even more than those above.

Pearls are formed when a piece of grit or sand or other abrasive, annoying, or even dangerous substance enters an oyster and triggers its protective response. The substance is coated with shimmering, opalescent nacre ("mother of pearl"), the coats eventually building up to produce a beautiful gem. The self-healing response of the oyster transforms suffering into a thing of beauty.


Something to sing about, hmmmm?


The pearl-creating process reflects my desire both as a psychologist/psychotherapist and writer/editor/publisher to move outside a pathological or "disease" based model of "mental health" and "mental illness" and into a more integrative and transcendent perspective of life, health, and well-being. Out of suffering into joy.


Want to join me?


Peggy Elam, Ph.D.

President & Publisher

Pearlsong Press



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Nashville, TN One Paper article on Pearlsong Press, publisher Peggy Elam & author Pat Ballard


 Pearlsong Press's Facebook Page
Pearlsong Press's Facebook Page

Our Mission & Vision


Pearlsong Press endorses Health At Every Size, and promises that every book and product we publish or offer for sale, if published by another company, celebrates size diversity or at least does not contradict it. (Yes, the "enlarge" in our tag line is an enticement to widen your perspective while also paying tongue-in-cheek homage to those of us whose physical beings don't meet the Hollywood ideal.)


We won't guarantee that all our novels' heroes and heroines are Big and Beautiful like Pat Ballard's — but they won't be "fattist," either, unless that's clearly written as a character flaw. Similarly, some fiction and nonfiction, such as Anne Richardson Williams's moving Unconventional Dreams, won't deal specifically with size, weight, or physical health issues.


Spiritually and metaphysically themed books and products by Pearlsong Press encourage and celebrate the connection and ultimate Oneness of all that is, and the remembrance of who we truly are.


While acknowledging spiritual mysteries and that which may be consciously unknown, we also enjoy exploration of the ways in which the so-called "supernatural" might be understood in terms of scientific hypotheses and theory — the multidimensional nature of the universe, and ourselves, for instance.


Here you will find books and other products that take a larger perspective on life and our place on Earth, encouraging the personal spiritual journey to wholeness and unencumbered connection with the Source of us all.


We do not offer "channeled" information,  or products encouraging people to place ultimate authority in anything other than their own individual, unique, nonjudgmental and egalitarian connection with Source, Spirit, or God. Nor do we promote products or approaches that claim "ours is the only way."


All paths eventually return to the same Source, and we respect the rights of people to choose their own routes—although there are some paths, and some territory, that we choose not to traverse and will not recommend to others.


If you see any deviation from the above in one of our books or other products, please let us know.



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