ASAP Nanny - a novella by Pat Ballard, the Queen of Rubenesque RomancesASAP Nanny
a novella
by Pat Ballard
December 2013

Ebook $2.99 ISBN 9781597190831

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In addition to this novella, the ebook contains lengthy excerpts from all of Pat's books—it's a smorgasbord of rubenesque romance and body positivity!

Melanie Brock could not believe that she, the daughter of wealthy New York City parents, was homeless in Dallas, Texas.

She'd been laid off from her job at a local car dealership during a round of cutbacks. So here she was—twenty-seven years old, no job, no home, sleeping in her car, with just enough money to buy a little more gas and a little food if she only ate one good meal a day. And that would only be for a week.

Exhausting every avenue for work, but knowing she'd rather go hungry than crawl back to her parents and ask for help, Melanie was at a loss as to her next option. Until she saw a flyer on the windshield of her car that read "NANNY NEEDED, ASAP."

Using the cell phone she was about to lose, she made the call that would change her life forever.

ASAP Nanny is a nine-chapter novella. The ebook also contains the first chapters of all of Pat Ballard's books, so it's a perfect way to dip a little further into the Queen of Rubenesque Romance's universe!

After savoring the novella, you'll be able to read the first chapters of Adam & Evelyn, Dangerous Love, The Best Man, Abigail's Revenge (with the prologue as well), A Worthy Heir, His Brother's Child, Nobody's Perfect, and Wanted: One Groom, and a lengthy excerpt from the title novella of Dangerous Curves Ahead: Short Stories. Following the excerpts from Pat's fiction you will find her 10 Steps to Loving Your Body (No Matter What Size You Are)—the steps, that is, not the entire book—and several essays from Something to Think About: Reflections on Life, Family, Body Image & Other Weighty Matters by the Queen of Rubenesque Romances. 


"I liked the book very much but keep your hankie handy, it is a tear jerker.
Pat Ballard is a gifted writer!"
Amazon review

Warm up with a toasty, charming romance!

"Melanie's dire situation in the early part of the book caught my attention
and I enjoyed the twists and turns as she moved towards love.
It's not a long book and once I started reading I kept reading till the end.
I couldn't put it down till I found out what would happen with Melanie,
the extremely hot Harrison James and his daughter, Lisa, the child Melanie cares for
as a nanny, who is too much of a charmer to not have a happy ending.
A very satisfying story!"

Lynne Murray
author of The Falstaff Vampire Files, Bride of the Living Dead,
& the Josephine Fuller mystery series


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