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Free PDF ebooks from Pearlsong Press

Frannie Zellman's Fat Acceptance Test  | Pat Ballard's Something to Think About 
Splendid Seniors Among Us

Super Duper Incontrovertibly Incredible & Unrelentingly Exciting Fat Acceptance Multiple Choice Test
with Fat Definitions
& excerpts from FatLand 
 Fat Poets Speak
by Frannie Zellman
March 2010

FREE PDF ebook | 42 pp | Click here to download 

The Super Duper Incontrovertibly Incredible and Unrelentingly Exciting Fat Acceptance Multiple Choice Test & Fat Definitions were written by Frannie Zellman (author of the novel FatLand & co-author & editor of Fat Poets Speak: Voices of the Fat Poet's Society) for a skit she and other members of the Fat Poets' Society performed at the summer 2009 convention of the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance (NAAFA).

Pearlsong Press offers it as a free PDF ebook. Download it, share it with friends, and enjoy!

to Think About

Reflections on
Life, Family,
Body Image
& Other Weighty Matters
by the Queen of
Rubenesque Romances

Pat Ballard
October 2009

FREE PDF ebook | 149 pages | PDF format | More info about Pat Ballard  | Click here to download 

More nonfiction from Pat Ballard, author of 10 Steps to Loving Your Body (No Matter What Size You Are) and romantic fiction featuring big beautiful heroines.

Pat Ballard's homespun wisdom shines in this inspirational collection of short essays, quotations and poetry. Save & savor, share with friends. Enjoy! 

Many of the essays originally appeared in her monthly newsletter, The Queen's Proclamation.


Splendid Seniors Among Us

Click here to download the FREE Splendid Seniors Among Us PDF ebook.

In Splendid Seniors: Great Lives, Great Deeds, author Jack Adler recognizes 52 people throughout history who accomplished great things after age 65. In celebrating the publication of this inspiring book, Pearlsong Press decided to honor some of the many Splendid Seniors still among us.

We sought nominations nationwide of people whose accomplishments after age 65 warrant special recognition and can serve as an inspiration to others. Creativity, productivity, charity, political action, community involvement—any and all areas of life and personal expression were reason for nomination.

Our plans were to honor one Splendid Senior Among Us a month for a year, starting in March 2007, when
 Splendid Seniors: Great Lives, Great Deeds was published. The seniors so distinguished were announced on the Pearlsong Press blog at and via press releases to their hometown media and mayors' offices. They received a frameable certificate declaring their “Splendid” status and a free autographed copy of Splendid Seniors: Great Lives, Great Deeds.

During that period there were three months we didn't receive nominations that fit our criteria for "Splendid" status (which, admittedly, was purely of our own design and preference). Still, we ended up with nine wonderful people recognized as "Splendid Seniors Among Us" and included in the SSAU PDF ebook published in April 2008.

The ebook contains information about each of the honorees and the reasons they were chosen, excerpts from Splendid Seniors: Great Lives, Great Deeds, a message from the publisher, and information about Pearlsong Press and our books. You are welcome to share the ebook with anyone you wish.

Click here for a list of the SSAU honorees with links to their press releases and peeks at their certificates. Download the ebook by clicking on the button above.

Free PDF resources on Size Diversity, Fat Stigma & Body Image

Q & A on Size Diversity  | Tips for Fighting Fat Stigma  | Peace Treaty in the War on My Body

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Free recordings of Conversations with Pearlsong authors

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