Josephine Fuller Mysteries
by Lynne Murray

Larger Than Death - Book 1 of the Josephine Fuller mystery seriesLarger Than Death (Book 1)

Introducing "Jo" Fuller,
 full-fogured and full of attitude with abundant sleuthing skills.

Jo takes time off from her new job checking out potential charities for an eccentric socialite and walks into a murder scene. Her best friend and early role model, Nina—a plus-sized clothing designer—lies slain in her own apartment. Was she the victim of a serial killer who targets voluptuous women? Or is the murder personal?

As Jo copes with her friend's murder, an unexpected romance and a bizarre host of neighbors, she races to find the killer before becoming the next victim.

Trade paperback  $15.95 250 pp ISBN 9781597190404| PDF, EPUB & Mobipocket?Kindle Ebook $2.99 ISBN 9781597190411

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Larget Target - Book 2Large Target (Book 2)

While in San Diego, plus-sized P.I. Jo Fuller does a favor for the worried and way too fashionably thin Sally Rhymer by looking into her daughter Amy's involvement with some do-gooders. Jo, as sassy as she is statuesque, becomes the life of the party when she tells off Mrs. Rhymer's drunken and disorderly ex, Admiral Rhymer—and then walks into a crime scene, the quite unnatural death of the Admiral's friend, a defense contractor.

It seems big, beautiful Amy's problems are small compared to the rest of her larger-than-life family. The admiral has disappeared and a ransom note confirms Jo's worst suspicion: The old goat has been kidnapped. An empty safe that once contained top-secret documents, a family that isn't sure it wants to pay a ransom to get the old man back, and a desperate blackmailers put Jo in the crosshairs of a killer's line of fire.

Trade paperback $15.95 250 pp ISBN 9781597190428 | Adobe PDF, EPUB & Mobipocket Ebook $3.99 ISBN 9781597190435

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At Large - Book 3

At Large (Book 3)

It's a king-sized case for a queen-sized sleuth. Jo is working undercover at a women's skills centers when she spots an old acquaintance. Jo last saw Teddy in Kathmandu when her photographer husband ran off with Teddy's mountain-climbing wife, leaving the spouses to commiserate. Now Teddy has a new problem—his latest girlfriend is missing. Jo agrees to track her down, and the trail leads straight to his estranged wife, murdered with a climbing axe.

Jo suddenly finds herself a major suspect in the death of the woman who broke up her marriage. Add to that Jo's already muddled love life, an apartment filled with haunting memories, and suspects ranging from the victim's lesbian vegetarian sister to her fading film star mother, her politician stepfather and her mooching father, and Jo's got her hands full.

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A Ton of Trouble - Book 4A Ton of Trouble (Book 4)

Jo visits the California wine country after getting a note from filmmaker and winery owner Wolf Lambert. She discovers a dead body in one of Wolf's wine barrels, and her friend Thelma, a super-sized porn star, is the prime suspect. Caught in the midst of a feud between  powerful wine families in the valley, Jo also finds herself under fire from a gun-toting would-be charity client and needs to make her boyfriend understand that her involvement with the plus-size porn industry is purely innocent. Will Jo be able to dig herself out of this Ton of Trouble?

 Trade paperback  $15.95 210 pp ISBN 9781597190466 |
Adobe PDF, EPUB & Mobipocket/Kindle Ebook $4.99 ISBN 9781597190473

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