Other Books by Judy Bagshaw

We have a small number of trade paperback books by Judy Bagshaw that were originally published by Electric eBook Publishing and Treeside Press of Canada and are now out of print. 
These books are autographed by Judy and offered for sale by us only through the Pearlsong Press retail store.

Lady Blue by Judy BagshawLady Blue
Judy Bagshaw
originally published in 2003 by Electric Ebook publishing, now out of print

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Trade paperback | 129 pages  |  $15.00 | autographed by author |  only 7 copies available

When Deborah Spencer, a plus-sized housewife and mother, finds herself married to an unfaithful and abusive man, she flees to the anonymity of the city, changes her identity and embarks on a new life as Sabrina Blue, singer. ● She lucks into a partnership in a nightclub with the streetwise Dex Randall and becomes a local celebrity. Guy Latimer, a successful record producer, hears her one night and offers her a recording contract. ● Sabrina, not wanting the publicity for fear of her husband finding her, declines the offer. Despite her refusal, Guy finds himself strongly attracted to the mysterious Sabrina. ● After falling prey to a nasty gossip columnist, Sabrina's husband appears. Her life and everything of value feels like it's slipping away.

Love by the Pound by Judy BagshawLove by the Pound
Judy Bagshaw
originally published in 2004 by Treeside Press, now out of print

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Trade paperback | 112 pages |  $15.00 | autographed by author |   only 4 copies available

Sandra Reese, full-figured and shy, soon learns lessons at college that she never anticipated―she finds that big can be beautiful, that life is to be boldly lived and enjoyed, and that love can take you by surprise. But when danger threatens Michael Santorelli, the man she adores, can she rise above her safe, sheltered past to take a desperate risk for love and life?




Teacher's Pet by Judy BagshawTeacher's Pet
Judy Bagshaw
originally published in 2005 by Treeside Press, now out of print

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the Pearlsong Press store

Trade paperback | 139 pages |  $15.00 | autographed by author |  only 2 copies available

Susan Shaw, a tall, full-figured teacher, accepts a tutoring job in the Caribbean arranged by her fraternal twin fashion model sister in order to escape the embarrassing publicity arising from an attack and arrest by her alleged stalker. Her student is chubby nine-year-old Becca, who sports a large chip on her shoulder. But Susan wins her over and helps her accept and like herself. Becca's father falls for Susan and after many misunderstandings, wins her heart. ● But danger follows Susan to the islands in an unexpected guise, and Susan and Steven must face nature's fury and a madman's rage before they can be together at last.

Canadian author Judy Bagshaw is a woman with a mission and a unique vision. She has lived all of her life as a plus-size person in a thin-obsessed world. As a full-time elementary schoolteacher for more than two decades, she personally witnessed the effect this thin obsession has had on many of her young, impressionable students. She has also recognized the need for people of size to see themselves represented in the media as more than the butt of jokes, the villain, or the jollly sidekick. To this end, Judy's romantic short stories and novels often feature plus-sized central characters living rich, involved lives just as she has.

Listen to an hour-long mp3 recording of Judy Bagshaw chatting with publisher Peggy Elam about her adventures in writing, publishing and promoting her books

PRAISE for Judy's novels

"...an inspiration to all of us who are less than perfect tens."
Romance Review Today

"Brimming with romance, mystery, intrigue...and marvelous, believable, plus-sized heroines with whom every 'real woman' can truly relate."
Daisy Dexter Dobbs
award-winning author

Also by Judy Bagshaw
At Long Last, Love: A Collection



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