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June 2010

We're backówith a Pearlsong Conversation with Lynne Murray,
author of
the new romantic comedy Bride of the Living Dead

The email version of The Pearlsong Letter and our teleconference Pearlsong Conversations took an unexpected hiatus for the past few months due to my (publisher Peggy Elam)'s emergency surgery in late December. (I'm doing very well, now, thank you!) But we're back with a blast, celebrating the June 2010 publication of Lynne Murray's newest book, the romantic comedy Bride of the Living Dead.

You may already know Lynne as the author of the award-winning Josephine Fuller, sleuth of size, mystery novels. Lynne has brought her wit and style to "chick lit" with her latest novel, which Women En Large photographer Laurie Toby Edison has described as "Jane Austen meets the Marx Brothers."

Big, beautiful & rebellious, indie film critic Daria MacClellan is most comfortable in a monster movie poster T-shirt and blue jeans. Yet when family drama hijacks her engagement, she's trapped into a formal wedding with her perfectionist, anorexic sister, Sky, planning the whole thing. Daria adores her fiance, but her wedding seems to be spiraling into a horror film. Will the spectre of a picture perfect wedding turn her into the Bride of the Living Dead?

Join me this coming Wednesday, June 9, 2010 at noon Eastern (11 a.m. Central) as Lynne and I chat in the latest of the free hour-long teleconference Pearlsong Conversations. Time and technology permitting, you will be able to chat with and ask questions of Lynne yourself. (And perhaps hear some exciting news about the Josephine Fuller mystery series, which is currently out of print.)

Email pearlsongconversations @ for the details (teleconference phone number & access code) and call the teleconference line at noon Eastern (11 a.m. Central) to listen and/or participate in the hour-long Conversation. The teleconference line will handle up to 96 participants―first come, first served. There is no cost for the call other than your usual long distance charges, if any.

Read the first chapter of Bride of the Living Dead in a PDF downloadable here. Buy the book at your favorite online retailer (,, or ask for it at your local bookstore. Or even betterótake advantage of the special offer at the Pearlsong Press website: Buy a paperback copy of Bride of the Living Dead and any other paperback book directly from us through our website, and receive a free autographed hardcover first edition of Lynne's first novel, Termination Inteview (St. Martin's, 1988), as well as a booklet containing Lynne's essay "The Road to Life-Sized Fiction."

We'd love to hear from you! If you don't feel comfortable speaking up during the June 9 teleconference, then email your questions or comments to me at peggyelam @

We are recording these Pearlsong Conversations and making them available for listening online or downloading after the calls. You can find links to the previous Conversation recordings on the Pearlsong Conversations webpage. See for more info and the archived recordings.

Once again: Request the call-in number & access code by emailing pearlsongconversations @ (without the spaces).

I hope I'll hear your voice―or at least you'll hear Lynne's and mine―on June 9!

In Joy,

Peggy Elam, Ph.D.
Psychologist, Editor & Publisher
Pearlsong Press


"The thing that is really hard,
and really amazing,
is giving up on being perfect
and beginning the work
of becoming yourself."

Anna Quindlen

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