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August 2011

A Pearlsong Conversation with author Karen Blomain

Join us this coming Sunday, August 14, 2011 at 5 p.m. Eastern/4 p.m. Central for a teleconference call chat with Karen Blomain, author of the novel The Season of Lost Children. Other Pearlsong authors may be on the call as well. All participants will be able to ask questions and comment as time and technology permit.

There's no cost to participate in the Conversation, other than any long distance toll charges that might apply. The Conversation will be recorded and available for listening/downloading afterward, but we'd love for you to join us live if possible. To receive the teleconference call details (phone number & access code), send an email to pearlsongconversations @ The call details will be automatically emailed to you.

The Season of Lost Children depicts a small college town in Pennsylvania where the lives of a bigamist's wife, a Polish orphan, an ex-priest and his wife—a former nun—and a mute teenage runaway intersect. The novel explores the question of what constitutes family and finds that the answer is often closer than we think, if only we look with and within our hearts.

The Season of Lost Children can be enjoyed on its own, but is also part of The Fenston Trilogy, which traces fifty years of the interwoven lives and friendship of three women in a bucolic Pennsylvania college town. While The Season of Lost Children focuses on the life of the eccentric former nun, Eleanor Roderi, A Trick of Light chronicles the heartbreaking discovery and redemption of Hattie Darling, the only daughter of the town's first family. Pearlsong Press will also publish From: Oz, which recounts the exploits of Fenston's shopkeeper, Athena Westcott, and her late life affair with...well, you'll have to read it to find out.

Karen Blomain is a poet, translator, playwright and novelist who holds an MFA from Columbia University. A university professor, she has conducted multi-genre writing workshops around the world. She is married to the writer/photographer Michael Downend. They have nine children and fifteen grandchildren (so far) and live on The Hill in Scranton, Pennsylvania, Blomain's home town.

The Season of Lost Children is available in original trade paperback and ebook format from Pearlsong Press & your favorite online bookstores.

Click on the BookBuzzr widget below to read the first chapter.

Photo of Karen Blomain © Michael Downend—ASMP.

You can find links to previous Pearlsong Conversation recordings on the Pearlsong Conversations webpage. See for more info and the archived recordings.

In Joy,

Peggy Elam, Ph.D.
Psychologist, Editor & Publisher
Pearlsong Press

If you're near San Francisco this weekend, you have a great opportunity Saturday night -- attend the screening of a director's cut of the documentary America the Beautiful 2: The Thin Commandments. The film will be shown at 8 p.m. at the Sofitel San Francisco Bay hotel as part of the annual conference of the Association for Size Diversity & Health (ASDAH), but it's open to the public. Filmmaker Darryl Roberts will be there. Details at the ASDAH website:

The first documentary, America the Beautiful, was about America's obsession with beauty. The sequel goes deeper into our obsession with dieting and other weighty matters, examining all things health and targeting the dieting industry as one of the biggest culprits contributing to society's health demise. America the Beautiful 2 will open nationwide in theatres & via on-demand in October 2011.

You can buy a DVD of the first film, America the Beautiful, from It's also available via Netflix (DVD & on-demand streaming) & Hulu.

"The thing that is really hard,
& really amazing,
is giving up on being perfect
& beginning the work of becoming yourself."

Anna Quindlen

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