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Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent. 
Eleanor Roosevelt

Something to think about....

Love yourself first and everything else falls into line.
You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.
Lucille Ball

When I decided to stop dieting and to try to eat "normally and healthily," I also made up my mind to learn to love the body that I would wind up having. At the time, this was a scary thought for me, because I'd dieted since I was around eleven years old, so I had no idea what my "real" body would look like.

But I set my mind to love and accept that body as it developed, because it was my body. And I was tired of keeping it starved and flushed down the toilet. And I was tired of being hungry every day.

So as I watched the "real" me come to life, I made up my mind to never again stand in front of a mirror or anywhere else and fill my conscious and subconscious mind with negative thoughts about myself. And I made up my mind to never allow anyone else to make negative remarks about fat people in my presence without making them aware of the hurt they caused.

As a result of these decisions, I wrote my "10 Commandments of Self-Love." I wrote them in a old-fashioned style so people would have to slow down and read them carefully, and think about what they were reading.

They're posted below in the "Weighty Matters" section. I hope you enjoy them. I've lived by these "rules" for about 25 years now.


 A Word From Pat

Tomorrow, as I write this, Joe and I head for East Texas. We're going to his 42nd high school Class Reunion. We haven't been able to go back to any of the previous ones, so he's really looking forward to it. I am, too, so I'll finally have faces to put with names I've heard all of our married life.

We'll get to visit with one of my brothers, Tim, and his family. This will be a real treat, since I've never seen his youngest son, who is almost a year old.

My son, Eric, and his family came by today. I won't bore you with all my "Mimi" (grandmother) stories, but I did enjoy them. I hope to have photos of them on my website soon.

Everyone have a great October! I love the fall. And I'll tell you a secret if you promise not to tell anyone...I love winter. But a lot of people think I'm kind of weird when I say that, so let's just keep it between us, okay?



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Books ó Existing and Upcoming

Iím very happy to announce that I have a new book, Dangerous Curves Aheadóa compilation of 10 short storiesóthat was released in May 2004 through my new publisher, Pearlsong Press (

Dangerous Curves Ahead recently received a glowing review from Cindi Appel on the Fearless Books review website. Appel wrote:

Ballard doesnít pull punches. She shows her heroines exhibiting ample will and tenacity to tell off those who would shame them into becoming something they arenít just to blend in with society's narrow-minded notions of beauty.

To read the entire review, go to You can also read an excerpt from Dangerous Curves Ahead's title story, Dangerous Curves, by clicking on the title link in this sentence.

Pearlsong Press has also re-released my existing books, Wanted: One Groom, Nobodyís Perfect, His Brotherís Child and A Worthy Heir.

The Pearlsong Press edition of Nobody's Perfect was called "a charming, witty love story with a twist" in the July 2004 Small Press Bookwatch section of Midwest Book Review. Read the whole review at, or an excerpt at

Iím working on a romantic suspense, Abigailís Revenge, which I hope to have finished by the fall of 2004. Iím also working on my first nonfiction book, The 10 Commandments of Self Love.

Iím extremely happy that my books are now available in both print and eBook format. Please visit Pearlsong Press and check out all the options that are available.

Borders Books' corporate office has agreed to list the Pearlsong Press editions
 of my books in their database. That means that now you can go to any Borders
 in the country and special order my books!

Once they determine there's enough demand, they'll start stocking them
 on the shelves. If there's a Borders store in your area, please order one or more of my books from themóChristmas is coming up, think gifts!óand
 help us demonstrate a demand for Rubenesque romances.

Weighty Matters

The 10 Commandments of Self-Love

  1. Thou shalt never stand in front of a mirror and think negative thoughts about thyself.
  2. Thou shalt never stand anywhere and think negative thoughts about thyself.
  3. Thou shalt search diligently for thy good points and whenst thou hast found them,   even though it may only be one, thou shalt hold on to the good points and nourish them and build upon them and cause them to grow mightily.
  4. Thou shalt close thy mind to any negative words, thoughts or actions that thine enemy might hurl thy way, and shalt never let them enter thy mind in any form or fashion. Neither shalt thou allow any soul to say negative things to thee or about thee.
  5. Thou shalt always conduct thyself in an honorable fashion and not allow thy mouth to appear larger than thy body.
  6. Thou shalt always do thy best to look like thou carest about thyself, as no one respects a slob, no matter what size that slob mightest be.
  7. Thou shalt learn what thy best colors are, and what thy best hair style is, and what thy best clothes style is, and thou shalt never go forth on any day from thy dwelling place without being arrayed in such manner.
  8. Thou shalt always, and without fail, smile and simply say, "Thank you," when thou receivest a compliment. Thou shalt not, in thy heart nor to the air aloud, say that the compliment is not true.
  9. Thou shalt stop apologizing about thy size, or thy appearance, and shalt expect the world and all that is therein to accept thee, respect thee and be happy with thee as thou art.
  10. But most of all, thou shalt love thyself. When thou lovest thyself, others will love thee and respond to thee even in the exact manner as to how thou feelest about thyself.

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Book events at several locations in Nashville, TN and surrounding locations, as well as other states.

Plans are underway for me to appear at the Mississippi Authors Festival in Collins, MS Saturday, Nov. 6.

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