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July 2006
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Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent. 
Eleanor Roosevelt

Something to think about....

function: noun
A persistent disturbing preoccupation with an often unreasonable idea or feeling;
broadly: compelling motivation (
an obsession with profits).
 2. something that causes an obsession.

I realize I'm pointing out a fact that most of us know, but the U.S. is obsessed with weight. This came home to me, again, on July 1st, when I went to a "July 4th"/birthday party at my son's home.

Out of the 30+ people who were there, one of them has had weight loss surgery, one couple is on the Atkins diet, one woman was praising the fantastic success she'd had on some program (I didn't take time to find out which one, but I do know this woman and I know she doesn't need to lose weight), my daughter-in-law has been losing for some time and is almost to the point where she wants to be, and one woman had just had a baby, but was complaining that she still had a "stomach" and how was she going to get rid of it? And on and on and on it went!

I sat and listened, and believe it or not didn't say too much, although I did wonder "out loud" a couple of times if this was all these people had to talk about.

On the other hand, my son, Eric, who is 6'1" and has lost down to 153 lbs by not doing anything except working hard and having the genetic makeup to do so, got/gets all kind of flack because of his weight loss. The same people who are obsessing over their own weight think Eric is sick because he's losing weight. But I'll talk more about this in the Weighty Matters section.

I thought it was interesting that the couple who are on the Atkins diet―basically, only protein― brought a macaroni and cheese casserole. They were feeding us what they wanted!

I also watched in amusement as huge quantities of food were consumed while folks obsessed over "losing the weight."

 A Word From Pat

I hope everyone in the States had a wonderful Fourth of July, our Day of Independence.

We had guests from Texas. My husband's mom, brother and nephew came on Friday and left on Tuesday. We had a good visit. Millie, my M-I-L, had never seen our granddaughter Mikayla, and had only seen her brother Shaun once. So she enjoyed our day at my son's house on Saturday. It was Shaun's sixth birthday, so we combined his birthday party and a Fourth of July party.

The weekend before that, I attended an ASDAH―Association for Size Diversity and Health―conference near Cleveland, OH. Peggy Elam, Kristie Agee and I rode up to Cleveland together. We had a really good time. I'd like to invite you all to check out Kristie's website at:

She is a wonderful singer and has several size-friendly songs on her new CD. You can listen to samples of the songs and purchase the CD from her website or the Pearlsong Press website (

But I have to tell you―back-to-back fun weekends have taken it out of me. I'm ready for some R & R on the quiet side!

And all this fun is why the newsletter is running a little late, so please forgive me.

Everyone have a wonderful July!



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Weighty Matters

During the weekend of June 23-26, I was at Case Western Reserve University, near Cleveland, OH, at an ASDAH conference. ASDAH stands for Association for Size Diversity and Health, which seems to be a concept that is so very hard for most folks to comprehend.

I was so pleased to see such a variety in sizes at this group. These are people, mostly professionals, who are involved in trying to educate the world to the fact that health has nothing to do with size, but with lifestyle, genetics, cultural influences, etc. But since the main focus is on trying to educate the world that fat isn't of and by itself unhealthy, I was surprised and pleased to see the variation from very small to very large and all sizes in between at this conference.

Sometimes we think that it's just us "fat folks" who get the brunt of other people's remarks about size, but something has recently happened that reminded me that this isn't the case at all. My son, Eric, has been married for four years. During those four years he's lost from around 210-220 pounds to 153 pounds. He's 6'1" in his bare feet, and now he looks very thin.

His weight loss has been slow, and not something he's tried to do. But in being married, and acquiring a new job, his schedule has changed. He's gone from eating a lot of fast foods during his college days to working hard physically―he walks about 4 1/2 miles a day at the Walgreen's store where he's a manager―and then coming home to a good home-cooked meal.

Eric is one of those people whose weight will change with his lifestyle. He was a fat baby, but a "skinny" child. Then he gained weight during high school and college. Now he's lost it.

The point of my writing about this is the constant comments he gets about his weight. His father is worried about him, and now that his grandmother has seen him, so is she. It reminds me of the years when he was a skinny kid. She and her mother were constantly trying to get me to buy medicine to give him for parasites. They were convinced that he
had childhood worms! If he'd been fat, they and everyone else would have been trying to get me to put him on a diet!

My sister Jerri has a daughter, Nikki, who is very thin. Even after having four babies, she is thin with a very flat tummy. And people worry her to death asking her if she's anorexic or bulimic or sick. She tells her mom that she just gets so tired of it.

So, if we aren't in that perfect "middle-ground place" that has somehow become the ideal place to be, weight-wise, then something has to be "wrong" with us.

Some day, hopefully, we'll become a nation―a world―where we can grasp the concept of Health at Every Size. Some day, hopefully, we'll let go of our obsession to make everyone the same cookie-cutter, middle-of-the-road, everybody-has-to-look-the-same ideal.

Some day soon, hopefully.


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Abigail's Revenge, my fifth novel, is published! My publisher, Peggy Elam, pulled a few rabbits out of the hat and the book debuted at the Southern Festival of Books in Nashville last October. In fact, it was delivered to the booth on Friday after the festival had started. That is where I saw my first off the press!

It's a Romantic Suspense, and is different than any other novel I've written. It's also a good bit longer.

Abigail Avery was falsely convicted of the murder of her father and sent to prison when she was only eighteen years old. The supposedly good citizens of Leaky Springs, Mississippi were silent as an innocent young woman was orphaned, accused, swiftly tried and locked away. Her only clue in the travesty of justice is that a bunch of crooked "good ole boys"—headed by the judge who presided at her trial—keep pestering her to sell the family farm.

Now, a decade later, Abigail's out of prison and heading back to Leaky Springs. It won't be a pleasant homecoming. She's out for revenge on the people who stole ten years of her life. Especially the judge.

Karen Sparks, owner of (and an avid reader), says of Abigail's Revenge, "Injustice, romance and suspense with page-turning flair! This is Ballard's greatest work. Her fragile, yet beautifully big heroine is pushed to the edge with family tragedy, but she's determined to fight back and avenge the injustice that cost her ten years of her life. Ballard has created a rich romantic-suspense that you cannot put down until it's finished."

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I'm continuing to work on my first nonfiction book, The 10 Commandments of Self-Love, a motivational book on accepting ourselves as we are instead of obsessing over trying to look like some unrealistic actress or image we see in a magazine.

Meanwhile, my short story collection Dangerous Curves Ahead is available through Pearlsong Press ( After its May 2004 publication, Dangerous Curves Ahead received a glowing review from Cindi Appel on the Fearless Books review website. Appel wrote:

Ballard doesn’t pull punches. She shows her heroines exhibiting ample will and tenacity to tell off those who would shame them into becoming something they aren’t just to blend in with society's narrow-minded notions of beauty.

To read the entire review, go to You can also read an excerpt from Dangerous Curves Ahead's title story, Dangerous Curves, by clicking on the title link in this sentence.

Pearlsong Press has also re-released my existing books, Wanted: One Groom, Nobody’s Perfect, His Brother’s Child and A Worthy Heir.

The Pearlsong Press edition of Nobody's Perfect was called "a charming, witty love story with a twist" in the July 2004 Small Press Bookwatch section of Midwest Book Review. Read the whole review at, or an excerpt at

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