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September 2006
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Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent. 
Eleanor Roosevelt

Something to think about....

In this world everything changes except good deeds and bad deeds;
these follow you as the shadow follows the body.

Ruth Benedict

Tuesday, I needed to run into the grocery store to pick up a few items. As I tried to pull into the parking place of my choice, a man was putting his groceries in the trunk of his car and his grocery cart was blocking where I wanted to park.
I stopped my car and waited for him to move the cart enough for me to pull in. He half-heartedly moved the cart a little, but I had to back up and "re-center" before I could get parked. By now, I wasn't feeling real congenial toward the guy. But as I got out of my car, he turned to take his cart and put it up. Instead of telling him how rude I thought he was, I said, "Sir, I'll take that cart inside for you, if you want me to."
Well, he turned around and flashed me one of the biggest smiles I'd had that day and thanked me for taking the cart.

On my way inside, I discovered they had some beautiful asters on sale. They were in full bloom, and I just had to have a container of them. So I put them into the main section of my cart. Then I picked up my other items and got in the checkout line.
A man directly ahead of me looked at my cart, then back at the cashier. Then back at my cart, then back at the cashier. This went on several times, and I assumed he was admiring the pretty flowers. But finally he came over and started taking the items out of my cart and putting them on the conveyer belt.
I said, "Well, thank you!" And he said, "I'm just standing here, so I might as well be useful." So when he finished paying I thanked him again and told him to have a wonderful day.

When I got to my car and started putting my groceries in the trunk, there was a woman beside me putting her groceries in, so I gave her a couple of my ink pens that have my website address on them, and told her what I do. She was totally happy to get the pens, and when I finished putting my groceries in my car, she said, "Let me put your cart up for you."

I drove home feeling so good! And thinking how one good deed seemed to lead to a chain reaction. I reminded myself to try this more often. Who knows how many people had a better day because of it? I know I did.

 A Word From Pat

I hope everyone has had a wonderful August.

Well, here I am apologizing again that the newsletter is late. I could list a long line of excuses for this, like September 1st was on a Saturday and we had my granddaughter's 4th birthday party that day, and that the entire week before I was trying to get ready for my sister, Ellen, to visit me this week, and that we had to leave the birthday party early because my husband, Joe, wasn't feeling well and had a temperature of .01+ degrees when we got home, and that he's been sick with temps that were almost 103 at some points, and that I took him to the doctor yesterday and he does, indeed, have the flu. The doctor's first case of the season.

But I won't list all those excuses for why the newsletter is late. I'll just say that I'm sorry and I'll try to do better next month.

Wow! In looking back over the month, I realize I've had a very weird one! We had a friend from South Carolina come by in early August. Then I received a call from Wibitz Stewart, a woman who has a radio show in Hawaii, wanting me to be on her show, which I did.
That was fun, but it was kind of hard to understand her because of her heavy accent.

The last weekend of August I went to a family reunion in Mississippi. I really enjoyed seeing all these strangers whose blood runs through my veins. This isn't my direct line, but cousins. My great-grandfather, Joseph Elonzo Dunnam, had a twin brother, Joshua Columbus Dunnam, and these folks are the offspring of Uncle Josh. I just had to mention those names because they're so typical of that time period. Both guys fought in the Civil War, and my grandfather was wounded and captured at the Battle of Vicksburg. Anyway, I digress...This was the 82nd consecutive Dunnam―my maiden name―reunion. The oldest person there was 92 and still going strong.

As I mentioned earlier, my sister Ellen was supposed to come up and visit me this week. We had plans to shop, talk, shop, talk, and shop and talk. But since Joe got the flu we decided it would be best for her to put her trip off until a better time.

Everyone remember to let the media know when you don't approve of something. I had a letter to the editor of The Tennessean published today. It's the last letter on the page at:

Everyone have a wonderful September.



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Weighty Matters

I plan to feature a series of articles by Sandy Szwarc in this section for the next few issues. Sandy is one of the most wonderful, commonsensical writers on the subject of weight that I know of. I enjoy everything she writes and have become very good "cyber" friends with her via email.

I encourage everyone to read these articles carefully, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

The Truth About Obesity
Sandy Szwarc

In the fight against obesity, we're told: 'Being fat is simply a matter of energy balance. It's easy to lose weight, just eat 3,500 calories less than you burn and you'll lose a pound. We've become a fat nation because we're eating more than ever before, and too much fat and junk food, and not moving.'

Of course, the real message is one of blame: "You fat slobs! You are irresponsible, lazy, gluttons. You wouldn't be fat if you just didn't eat so much (or so much fat, sugar, and junk food) and got off the couch!"

If it were only that simple.

Eighty million Americans struggling to lose weight, and millions more starving themselves to stay thin, know it's not that simple. The predominance of scientific evidence shows it isn't, either. The problem is evidence rarely breaks through the anti-fat rhetoric.

Most of the countless popular theories as to the causes of obesity simply don't honestly face the inconsistencies about diet and exercise being unrelated to rising obesity rates. They work from the assumption and intuitive rationale that eating too much and the wrong foods, and getting too little exercise, cause obesity and that dieting is the answer, without investigating alternative explanations or seeking proof in clinical studies.

All of this has built up a mythology about obesity and obese individuals and their slender counterparts that does not hold up against the evidence.

Read the rest of the article at the Tech Central Station website, where it was originally published: . (Editor's Note: Scroll through the first two pages of the list of Sandy's articles until you see the link to "The Truth About Obesity," which was originally published July 14, 2003. Unfortunately, we were not able to embed a working direct link to the article in this newsletter.)

Reader Review of the Month

Editor's Note: We're now featuring reader reviews of Pat's books in
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This month's Reader Review was posted at & by C.L. Yanda.

Nobody's Perfect

"You'll get to keep your home, Jake gets a mother, and I won't have to ever worry about being attracted to you." Those words, spoken by Jake's dad, Sam du Cannon, could not have been less true. Nella may not be a size 6, but she is proportioned and in great physical condition. "Nobody's Perfect" starts with Nella finding Jake on the beach by himself and ends with his father falling in love with her.

In the mean time, Nella saves Jake's life and teaches his dad a lot about love and about what being with a strong, confident, caring woman can be like. When you read Nella's conversation with a new friend, Amy, you will want to share it with everyone you know...even those women in your life who are a size 6.

I won't spoil the ending, but it is one of the most beautifully written endings I've read in a long time. As with Pat Ballard's other books, there are unexpected twists and turns, introducing interesting people along the way, and you won't want to miss any of them.

Nobody's Perfect is the best Pat Ballard book I have read so far. You will fall in love with Nella and be rooting for her to win from the first page.

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