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October 2007
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Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent. 
Eleanor Roosevelt

Something to think about....

"A positive attitude may not solve all your problems,
but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort."

Herm Albright

When I was in high school there was a particular classmate who would send me very negative vibes. Now, I didn't know this girl and couldn't figure out why she was going out of her way to let me know that she didn't like me. She never said anything to me, she just glared at me a lot. This was a highly unusual problem for me to have to deal with, as most people either liked me or were just indifferent to me. But not open hostility!

One day she and I happened to be the only ones in the restroom, so I just asked her if I'd ever done anything to make her dislike me. She said, and I quote, "You walk down the hall with a smile on your face like you know something that nobody else knows." Trying to hide my surprise and relief that this was all there was to it, I explained to her that I just tried to be friendly with everyone.

Well, it didn't take her long to tell me that her parents were having problems and she was very upset and unhappy. So I had to reason to myself that my happy smile each day was annoying her because she was so unhappy. After that, we became fairly good friends. At least, good enough that she would talk with me each day about her situation. I had the good fortune of becoming someone, maybe the only one, she could "unload" on.

In the years since that incident, when I run across people who don't respond to my quick, open smile, I've tried to remind myself that this person may be going through a very trying time in their lives, and that I don't need to take offense when they don't respond to me as I think they should.

But sometimes, if they have an exceptionally bad attitude, I yearn to remind them of what Abraham Lincoln said: "People are just about as happy as they make up their minds to be."

A Word From Pat

O. C. T. O. B. E. R.! Finally!

October is one of my favorite months, as I've stated before. But this year it's even more favorite―and welcome―than ever. This summer in Nashville, TN has set records for high temperatures, and the heat has carried on through September.

The heat and the drought that we've been in has NOT been very pleasant to me. But this past week we had some rain, and the air has had a real touch of fall in it, so I'm getting all excited. I'm having visions of sitting in my screened-in patio and daydreaming while I listen to the rain, and the snap and crackle of a fire in my wood burning stove. Yes!

Joe and I managed to keep our flowers alive in spite of the heat and drought. So we've had a visual treat of hummingbirds, butterflies, and bumblebees feasting on our offerings. Two mornings we even had a "stray" parrot on the bird feeder. I bought parrot food and tried to lure him back, but he's long gone, seemingly. I hope he made his way back home. I'm sure someone was missing him.

We celebrated our granddaughter, Kayla's, fifth birthday in September. I can't believe that she's in kindergarten already! And is loving it. Shaun, our grandson, has been busy with football this summer. He's such a good little athlete. Shaun's in first grade and loves it, too. What a joy to have two children who don't mind going to school!

Everyone have a great October! Buy a bunch of Halloween candy, then turn out all the lights in the house and eat it yourself! That's what I do.



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Sparks fly the night Lana Clarke meets to plan her sister's wedding―and not just because curvaceous Lana announces she's stopped dieting and doesn't care if she's fat as maid of honor.

The strong-willed sister of the bride attracts the attention of the groom's devastatingly handsome best man, Anthony Angelino. But when the sparks become flames, Lana's in trouble.

Tony's first wife died mysteriously. Will Lana be next?

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Weighty Matters

Anorexia Stripped Bare―Milan Fashion Week Campaign Stirs Debate

(CBS) In the midst of Milan's all-important Fashion Week, the picture that is turning heads in Italy is a shocking one.

It shows what anorexia looks like stripped bare. And, it is re-igniting the debate in the fashion industry over whether designers should make sure that the models who appear on their catwalks are really healthy.

Sheila MacVicar reported on the controversy for CBS News' The Early Show.

On huge billboards above Italian city streets, the emaciated frame of Isabelle Caro, age 27, is stopping traffic.

She weighs less than 70 pounds.

Caro is not a model, but a French comedienne. She has suffered from anorexia since she was 13 years old.

"When I see myself now, I say, 'what a horror,'" Caro told a French TV interviewer. "I'm trying to get out of it, and I want young women to know that is possible."

Read the rest of the article and see photos here.

Reader Review of the Month

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This month's Reader Review of Nobody's Perfect was posted by Linda C. Wisniewski on

A few years ago, the editor-in-chief of a well-known publishing house gave a speech at our chamber of commerce's annual dinner for women in business. She "confessed" that reading romance novels is her favorite form of stress relief. Her talk was so convincing, I vowed to give them a second look. Okay, maybe a third, fourth or fifth look. Let's face it. Romance novels do not have a good reputation among "serious" readers and writers. They're not "literary," whatever that means. And the covers feature shirtless Fabio look-alikes embracing beautiful women in various stages of undress. Our public library shelves them in a separate section and places hot pink stickers on their spines, lest a hapless browser pick one up by mistake. The stickers also identify them to their legions of female fans, who must know something.

I enjoyed that editor's speech, but I still didn't read romance novels, until I heard about Pat Ballard's books. She calls them "motivational romances" with Big, Beautiful Heroines. Curious, I picked up a copy of Nobody's Perfect and spent several hours intrigued and enthralled.

In the novel, the love interests are Nella Covington and Samuel L. duCannon. Are those perfect names for a romance or what? Nella is a young woman in her mid-twenties who has long since given up trying to be thin. She takes good care of herself, eats healthy foods and exercises. The women in her family were heavy and she is no exception. But Nella goes beyond just accepting herself. In this novel, she uses her size to her advantage.

We see her save a child from drowning by using her strong arms and skillful swimming. She helps a young wife frustrated by constant dieting make herself over with makeup, a new hairdo and clothes, without losing a single pound. When the woman worries she might go back to feeling discouraged about gaining weight, Nella gives her a gentle pep talk. "You see what you can be if you want to, and it's your decision whether you spend your days looking your best, or looking your worst. That's a decision we all have to make each day. You're no different than anyone else."

Of course, romance novels have a predictable formula. That's why so many women love them; it's reassuring to know the good characters will win. After a few adventures and problems, the heroine always gets the good guy, and this book delivers that, too. But first, we have evil in-laws, a family home in jeopardy and a little boy who needs a mother. Nowhere does Nella play the helpless female. She is strong yet vulnerable, powerful yet seductive.

And Pat Ballard sure knows how to write a good sex scene. Be forewarned: this story is definitely rated R, and the heroine's large size adds to her attractiveness. What a switch from the message aimed at women in magazines and television!

Although the ending was pre-ordained (remember, it's a romance novel), I didn't guess how the author would wrap it up. I lost myself in the story and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. In other words, I had fun. If you read Nobody's Perfect, I predict you will, too. I also predict you will be left with some very thought-provoking ideas about what our society's ideal body image does to every woman's self-esteem.

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