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May 2009
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Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent. 
Eleanor Roosevelt

Something to think about....

May 10th is Mother's Day. Recently, while going through some old files, I ran across the piece below that I had written in 2002 just before my son, Eric, married Tiffany and I gained the daughter I never had. The piece is a compilation of thoughts and feelings I was having, but I've also heard other mothers talk about the same thoughts and feelings.

And even though these thoughts and feelings are real at the time, eventually, as we see how happy our child is with his or her new mate and those wonderful grandchildren come along, we forget those "growing pains" we were having and learn to be totally happy in our own new lives.

Happy Mother's Day, everyone!

A Motherís Right

In 1975 I gave birth to my son, Eric, my first and my only child. That day was the first day of a new education for me. An education that made me realize I had a right to act in a way that would appear "abnormal" to a lot of people, and that appearing abnormal didn't even matter anymore.

Itís a motherís right to be concerned, the entire time she carries her baby inside her, that the baby will be okay. That it will be healthy and whole.

Itís a motherís right to become worried because her newborn infant has slept too long, or hasnít moved often enough while it sleeps, and to stand beside its bed and watch to make sure her baby is still breathing. And itís even her right to hold her finger under the babyís nose to see if she can feel breath coming out.

Itís a motherís right to become obsessive and to even panic a little every time her small child sneezes or coughs or gets that glassy-eyed feverish look. And itís her right, when her child really is sick, to sit beside that childís bed all night, making sure that its temperature doesnít skyrocket during the night without her knowing it. Or to take the child into bed with her so she can watch and listen for any warning sound that something isnít quite right.

Itís a motherís right to stand up to a total stranger and "get in his face" because he has said something to her child that she doesnít approve of. Itís her right to watch any adult that she doesnít know or trust, to make sure that adult treats her child properly.

Itís a motherís right to be a constant visitor to schools to be supportive of her child. And itís her right to visit the child's school and take on the principal and/or a teacher when she feels her child has been mistreated.

Itís a motherís right to be proud of her childís success when he finishes high school and college. Itís her right to talk to everyone and anyone―who will listen―about her childís accomplishments. Itís her right to bore people almost to death talking about her dreams for her child, and how her child is accomplishing those dreams.

Itís a motherís right to be crushed when she finds out that her child is leaving home for the last time. Itís her right to dissolve into tears every time she remembers that in just a few weeks her child will not be coming home every night for dinner, or at least to sleep in his own bed. Itís her right to occasionally pass by his closed bedroom door at night and stop for just a moment and listen to him sleep peacefully, knowing that in just a few weeks that room will be as empty and silent as her hurting heart.

Itís a motherís right to feel abandoned when her son finds ďthat other womanĒ and gives his heart to her. Itís her right to wonder if things will ever be the same between her and her son again. And itís her right to know, and be devastated in the knowing, that it probably wonít.

My son recently became engaged. Heís totally happy, and his fiancťe is a wonderful woman. Yet on a daily basis Iím bombarded with unfounded fears that Iím ďlosing him forever.Ē I burst into tears when I realize that in a few weeks heíll be gone, that I wonít be able to see him each day. Each time I hear his car approaching I remind myself that it wonít be long until I wonít hear that comforting sound, that heís home and safe for one more day.

A thousand times Iíve asked myself, ďWhat right do I have to be so miserable when he is so happy? What right do I have to be jealous of another womanís time with him? What right do I have to miss him even before heís gone? What right do I have to want to clutch him to me forever and protect him, just like I did when he was a newborn infant?Ē

Then I remind myself, itís a motherís right.

A Word From Pat


I hope everyone has had a good March.

I'm happy to report that my family and I are finally getting over this flu crud that we've had for almost the entire month.

My husband, Joe, decided to high-dive off the trailer of his semi truck this past Monday. He landed on gravel, so he had a good many dints and pings on his body. A small place on his forehead had to be "superglued" where he hit a rock, the bursa sac on his left hip got bruised really badly and he's hopping around on that leg, plus he has other bruises and sore spots. But he's back at work, so he's feeling better. I'm very thankful that he didn't have any broken bones.

We have hyacinths, daffodils, verbena, pansies and phlox beginning to bloom. Spring is really beginning to show up in Nashville!

I'm busy working on chapter 4 of my next novel. Just as a teaser I'll tell you that the heroine rides a motorcycle.

Everyone have a wonderful April.



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