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April 2010
News, updates, & pronouncements from Pat Ballard,
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Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent. 
Eleanor Roosevelt

Something to think about....

April is National Poetry Month. So for that reason I'm going to feature a couple of poems in this issue of the newsletter that were written by Peggy Elam, the publisher of my books and this newsletter.

I want all parents and/or guardians of children, and especially mothers, to read the following poem very carefully. Then read it again and understand that your children, especially your daughters, are listening to you. They're forming their life's visions, dreams and beliefs through your visions, dreams and beliefs.


In the bright white light of the dressing room
I look down at my dimpled knees and thighs
and suddenly I am a child again,
looking up at my motherís billowy white body
brushed with bedroom shadow
as she changes clothes.

I could have seen you as a goddess,
fertile and growing, strong-limbed and -willed,
but you felt you took up too much space in the world.
Told to condense, not expand, you struggled
to contain your abundance.

What you felt of yourself, Mother,
you passed on to me. If only we had known
That limiting the body bound the spirit instead.
Oh, what could we have become?
What could we still be?

Peggy Elam
(originally published in Radiance magazine,
Summer 1999 issue)
Hi everyone!

Well, I know a lot of happy people here in middle Tennessee, since spring has finally made itself known. We've had a few really excellent spring days. The sun has finally come out and proven that it still can shine as brightly as it ever has. I think some folks thought it had mildewed and molded.

Early flowers are beginning to bloom, the birds are busily building nests and the bees and wasps are coming out of the woodwork. And I know it won't be long before the spiders start to try and sneak into my house. I've started to "feel" their presence, so I know there must be one or two already inside and watching me. I can just see them rubbing their little front legs together and laughing their little maniacal butts off just knowing how I'll react when I see them.

Family is well, and I've been having some real good feel good days.

Everyone have a wonderful April.

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Weighty Matters

Continuing with the poetry month theme...

Nothing Tastes as Good as Thin Feels*

...except sweet butter and honey on fresh hot bread,
iced tea beneath an oak tree in July,
guacamole, chips, and margaritas,
melted cheese on almost anything,
brownies, ice cream, and caramel,
the taste of your loverís skin.

Who are they trying to kid?
Their kind of thin comes from denial
of what feels good, tastes good, and worries
the neighbors:
Their kind of thin feels ephemeral.

A womanís body seeks
the earth
respect for the natural
and takes root in the listening to appetite.

Freedom tastes better than thin ever will.

*Line from a weight-loss industry ad.
Peggy Elam
(Originally published in Radiance magazine,
 Winter 1999 issue)

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