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February 2012
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Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent. 
Eleanor Roosevelt

Something to think about....

We're all a little weird. And life is a little weird.
And when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours,
 we join up with them and fall into mutually satisfying weirdness—
and call it love―true love.
Robert Fulghum

A few weeks ago as I browsed around on Facebook, I stumbled across the Facebook page of the wife of an old flame from years ago.

As I read a few of the postings about their life and activities, I felt myself being pulled into the mental attitude and place where I was all those years ago, and I felt myself almost panicking.

Where would I be in my personal growth if I'd stayed there? If "things" had worked out for us, who would I have become?

I'm sure most of us have wondered about old flames. How would my life have been different? Would it have been better? Would I be happier?

But I had never asked myself how it would have changed me. Who would I be? One thing is for sure, while the basics of me would have stayed the same, there would have been other changes. And I'm pretty happy with the "me" that I am now.

So I turned from my computer and sat and listened to my husband of 38 years—as of the 23rd of this month―gently snoring (like a caged lion) in the next room, and thought about how I have become the "me" that is today because of my life with him.

I thought about how he frustrates me, challenges me, makes me think outside the box (sometimes just to win the argument!), and how hard I/we have to work to keep the relationship alive.

I thought about how we can laugh together and cry together and how easy it is to pick up on each others' thoughts and know what the other is thinking without a word being spoken.

One of the things that attracted me to him was, as the quote above says, I had found someone whose weirdness was compatible to mine.

And as I sat there, lost in thought, two little words crept into my mind with an overwhelming peace.

"No regrets."

And I'm happy that he's still my Valentine!

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

Well, it's been a while since we've chatted.

In December Pearlsong Press publisher Peggy Elam was very busy assisting her mother in Mississippi, so I didn't do a newsletter. Then in January I had an enormous amount of "things" going on—one of which I'll get into later.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas or holiday of your choosing, a Happy New Year, and is having a great Valentine's Day as I write this, even though you may not receive The QP until after Valentine's.

Since September my husband, Joe, has had a "fluttering" in his chest and was convinced that it was his heart. So on Martin Luther King Day, January 17th, he went to the doctor to have it checked. As a result many tests were done and finally on Friday, Feb. 3rd, the problem was found.

As the cardiologist did a heart catheterization he discovered that Joe had a 99% blockage in his Left Anterior Descending (LAD). This is the artery in the front of his heart, one of the three major coronary arteries. Some of you probably already know what the LAD is, but I didn't. It's also called "the Widow Maker." Even the medical field calls it that. The cardiologist told Joe he had an angel on his shoulder.

They immediately admitted him into the hospital that Friday evening and did open heart bypass surgery on Monday, February 6th, at 1 p.m. Joe came through the surgery beautifully, and we got to come home Thursday afternoon, three days after the surgery.

He is still doing extremely well. And I'm almost rested from spending night and day at the hospital with him.

He had no warning signs that he was on the verge of a massive heart attack. The doctors assured us that if the artery had closed totally off, Joe would be dead.

The one mistake that Joe had made was not keeping up with his cholesterol and triglyceride levels. And he'd had borderline high blood pressure for several years. His triglycerides were real high;  the doctors think it's genetic. His cholesterol was 216, which isn't real bad. As one of the doctors told me, "He had two out of three problem makers."

My education from all this is to have blood work done once a year, or every couple of years, to make sure those three numbers are okay.

Until next time, everyone be well, safe and happy.

Happy Valentines Day!


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Weighty Matters

If anyone was watching the news a few weeks ago, then you know the big blowout about Paula Deen's announcement that she has type 2 diabetes.

And you also know how the media and so many others jumped on her for being a "bad influence" with her cooking shows, recipe books, etc.

But Paul Campos wrote a wonderfully informative article about the situation for The Daily Beast that it will pay everyone to read.

No Proof Paula Deen’s High-Fat Southern Cooking Caused Her Diabetes 
by Paul Campos

First, there’s no evidence that a high-fat diet plays any role in causing type 2 diabetes. The best demonstration of this is provided by an eight-year-long, randomized, controlled dietary modification trial involving nearly 50,000 American women, which cost $415 million, making it one of the most rigorously designed (and most expensive) health studies ever conducted.

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