Rebecca Fox & William Sherman

Rebecca Fox & William Shermanauthors of
Measure By Measure

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 Becky & Bill about Measure By Measure
 & their writing process.

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Rebecca Fox and William Sherman met at a wedding in 1982, fell first in lust and then in love, and ultimately married beneath the June skies at the Temple of the Trees in Central Illinois.

Bill and Becky have embraced size acceptance together. Individually and in tandem, they have authored romantic and fantasy fiction, as well as critical essays and reviews on body esteem, pop culture and critters.

During the 1990s they established a chapter of the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance (NAAFA) in Central Illinois, and while this endeavor lasted only three years, they both remain committed to promoting healthy body image. Since then, Becky has spoken on size acceptance to classes of college students as well as younger children.

After too many years of frigid winters, humid sweltering summers and bland soybean vistas, the couple packed up their household of books, unicorns and furry four-footed kids in 2007 and headed southwest to the Gila Valley of Arizona. There, Bill is enjoying his role as a family therapist for a child welfare agency, while Becky creates jewelry, designs graphics, and sells items on eBay for their home-based business, OakHaus Designs. 

Author Comments


In 1997 Bill & I introduced Measure By Measure as a serialized soap opera (a la the inestimable Mr. Maupin), developing and honing it over several years and countless hundreds of miles.

My aging, ailing mother was living alone, 50 miles away, and our near-weekly visits offered uninterrupted time for conversation, perfect for exploring this fat-topian fantasy.

As longtime supporters of the factual NAAFA (National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance) organization, we'd captured remembrances of friends, conventions and events that helped flesh out our fictional characters with a Windy City flair. Bill and I cherished those scenic sojourns, even as we watched Mom struggle and fail. Measure became our creative respite from worry and despair.

Mom, you were always beautiful in my eyes, size 14 and beyond. But our of decades-old vestiges of your childhood size issues sprouted seeds of my own quarter-century of body-hatred.

I pray now that, in reading this story, mothers and daughters can break the chain of self-loathing and embrace their unique personal power. And maybe then your self-doubts can be exorcised as well.


There's not much I can add to Becky's words except to note that writing and rewriting this book with my lovely wife has been a heady experience.

Becky is my Jenny/Misty/Ann, and working with her on this sprawling saga has been elevating, maddening, energizing, and, ultimately, bonding.

It took a long time for this book to get finished, but I'm profoundly grateful that we both had that time.


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