Unconventional Means
The Dream Down Under
Anne Richardson Williams
with Aboriginal Traditional Stories
as told by Lorraine Mafi-Williams
Interior artwork by Anne R. Williams
June 2005
Ebook September 2005

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November 2, 1995

A friend invited a group of us to meet a fortune teller, a man who reads lightning-struck cedar sticks to tell the future. His gift comes from a native American grandmother.

The sticks say that right before my fiftieth birthday I will cross a lot of water, a sea, perhaps, to meet a woman, and when I return, everything in my life will change.

• • •

January 30, 1997

Last night I dreamed that I changed my name to Goanna.

The Aboriginal Mythology book tells me this morning that Goanna is an Australian lizard with connections to the dreamtime and to the legends of the Rainbow Serpent.

I put my hand on the big map on the wall and could feel my journey beginning to form itself, moving up from Adelaide in the south to Uluru, following the Goanna stories across the Australian landscape, then turning eastward to the Goanna Headland, which is in the Bundjalung traditional lands.

• • •

February 28, 1997

Maybe I am here to dream.

Last night, I dreamed that I walked into a room that was empty except for a dark-skinned man who closed the door behind me.

"Am I the only one who is coming in?" I asked, and he said, "You are the only one who wants to."

It was dark. It was the Dreamtime. I was part of the Dreamtime.

Standing behind me, the man began to remove my skin, starting at my feet and pulling it up in one piece, like something I was wearing. When I looked, I was still "dressed" to the waist. From the waist down, I was a skeleton.

This morning I slipped on some algae left by high tide, smashing my knee and hitting my head on a rock. Funny thing, I saw the slime and stepped on it anyway.

Sitting there rubbing my forehead and wiping the blood off my leg, I remembered a line from Carol Anthony's A Guide to the I Ching—"Unpleasant events serve to jar our minds, telling us that we are on the wrong path."

This isn't the adventure I was looking for. I hobbled back to the motel to book a flight, and tomorrow I leave for Brisbane and Bundjalung country.

#  #  #


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