Splendid Seniors Among Us honorees

 March 2007: Jane Yeager (Boynton Beach, FL)
 April 2007: Jan de Goede (Chicago, IL)
 May 2007: Catherine Kottner (New York, NY)
 June 2007: Evelyn T. Lawrence (Marion, VA)
 July 2007 Lee Stanley (Indian Wells, CA)
 August 2007: Sylvia Hyman (Nashville, TN)
 September 2007: Edna Love (Pulaski, VA)
 October 2007: None
 November 2007: Robert Michael 
(Murfreesboro, TN)
 December 2007: None
 January 2008: Kyle Vowers Osborne
 (Newport News, VA)
February 2008: None 

Splendid Seniors Among Us

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 March 2007

Jane Yeager of Boynton Beach, FL
Press release
Longer press release

Certificate PDF

April 2007

Jan de Goede of Chicago, IL
Press release
PDF Sampler of de Goede's work

Certificate PDF

May 2007

Catherine Kottner of New York City, NY
Press release
Certificate PDF

June 2007

Evelyn T. Lawrence
of Marion, VA
Press release
Certificate PDF

July 2007

Lee Stanley of Indian Wells, CA
Press release
Certificate PDF

August 2007

Sylvia Hyman of Nashville, TN
Press release
Certificate PDF

September 2007

Edna Love of Pulaski, VA
Press release
Certificate PDF

November 2007

Robert Michael of Murfreesboro, TN
Press release
Certificate PDF

January 2008

Kyle Vowers Osborne of Newport News, VA
Press release
Certificate PDF



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