Pearlsong Conversations Archive 2009

What are Pearlsong Conversations?

In January 2009 Pearlsong Press started hosting (mostly) monthly free teleconference calls in which publisher Peggy Elam, Ph.D. chats with Pearlsong authors (and possibly you!). If time and technology permit, participants/callers can join in the conversation. Each teleconference is recorded and the recording made available for listening online or downloadng at the Pearlsong Press website. Click here to go to the main Pearlsong Conversations webpage—and join us in the next call!

Click on a month to go to the archived recording of that Pearlsong Conversation―or just scroll through the list below. Click on the link to listen and/or download the mp3 recording.

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Jan. 14, 2009 Conversation with Frannie Zellman, author of FatLand. Zellman discusses whether we need a FatLand, why she became involved in fat rights  acceptance/liberation activism, and why we need fat fiction and fat poetry. More info on FatLand  |  More info on Frannie Zellman |  Read an excerpt from FatLand

Feb. 11, 2009 Conversation with Pat Ballard, Queen of Rubenesque Romances & author of 10 Steps to Loving Your Body (No Matter What Size You Are)  More info on 10 Steps | More info on Pat Ballard |  Pat Ballard's website

March 11, 2009 Conversation with Linda C. Wisniewski, author of Off Kilter
More info on Off Kilter | More info on Linda C. Wisniewski  |  Read an excerpt from Off Kilter

April 8, 2009 Conversation with Charlie Lovett, author of The Program
More info on The Program | More info on Charlie Lovett |  Charlie Lovett's website

May 13, 2009 Conversation with the Fat Poets' Society, authors of Fat Poets Speak: Voices of the Fat Poets' Society More info on Fat Poets Speak | More info on the Fat Poets' Society

June 10, 2009 Conversation with Rebecca Fox & William Sherman, authors of Measure By Measure  More info on Measure By Measure | More info on Rebecca Fox
& William Sherman

July 8, 2009 Conversation on Creating & Publishing Fat Friendly Fiction (Part 1) featuring Ellen Frankel, Charlie Lovett, Lynne Murray, Frannie Zellman, Rebecca Fox & William Sherman

August 12, 2009 Conversation on Creating & Publishing Fat Friendly Fiction (Part 2) featuring Pat Ballard, Ellen Frankel, Charlie Lovett, Lynne Murray, Frannie Zellman, Rebecca Fox & William Sherman

September 9, 2009 Conversation with Judy Bagshaw, author of At Long Last, Love

October 14, 2009 Conversation with Frannie Zellman (author of FatLand & editor & co-author of Fat Poets Speak) & Lesleigh J. Owens  (co-author of Fat Poets Speak)

November 12, 2009 Conversation with Rebecca Brock, author of The Giving Season

December 9, 2009 Virtual Holiday Party with Lynne Murray, Pat Ballard & Linda C. Wisniewski. These Pearlsong authors only got around to chugging some virtual eggnog and champagne at the end of the hour, however—most of the call focused on discussing the use of computers and the internet in writing and promoting their work.


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